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Make your first web or mobile application.

Elevate new skills in just 30 days.


Modern Technologies, Workflows and Mentoring

We provide everything that’s needed to learn to code whether you need to get a job in tech or launch your own business.

No prior knowledge needed.

Flexible working hours.

Learn web or mobile app development with Javascript and React.js.

Lectures, workshops and 1 on 1 mentoring.

Video content and books provided.

Workflows needed for real work environment.

Yoga, Meditation, and Muay Thai

We aim to provide the development of every person intellectual, physical, creative and spiritual potentials.

Holistic approach to learning.

Content designed for each individual.

Stay present by practicing Yoga and Meditation.

Transform your body with Muay Thai.

Project you will be working on

After finishing the course, you will be left with the app and the best practices that you can show to future employees or use it to bootstrap your startup.


In the first week, you will learn the evolution of web and structural building blocks of webpages.


Second week you will style the website and build the layout.


In the third week, we will introduce you to the programming language of the web. It will make your websites interactive.


Last week, we will use the most popular framework to finalize your project and learn how modern web works.

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Meet with team member behind scene

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Dino Radulovic

Full Stack Web And Blockchain Developer

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Adnan Sahinovic

Full Stack Web And Mobile Developer


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